Meet some of our tools and meters

AC power controller 9kVA, 3P, model ITECH IT7627).
We use it to modulate phases, under-volt and over-volt them, add distortions, phasing errors, sinus fluctuations, frequency fluctuations. This 500kg power source helps us to simulate various problematic situations with power sources and see if the behavior of the chargers, EVSE, DC chargers is proper.

Programmable DC loads (Axiomet, I-TECH)
We use programmable loads to check DC chargers. The smallest one is at the table. Alternatively, we use a 100kW Tesla battery pack as a load for high-current tests.

LeCroy Oscilloscope + Intek 70A probe
Used for AC tests, distortion levels at outputs for DC chargers and AC chargers with energy conversion

FLIR thermal imaging camera
Used for thermal analysis of circuit boards, overheating detection, relay temperatures, etc.

Various signal generators and power sources
Used to simulate car communication lines for AC charging. To simulate cars in DC modes we use PC.

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