Genuine Delphi BMW i3, i8 Charging Cable

PROS: silver-coated contacts

CONS: No bad PE protection detection (dangerous!), IP44 (moderate liquid ingress protection). Bad quality of input cable (PE, thin, cracks when cold), no seal in car side plug.

⭐ Security
⭐⭐⭐ Quality
⭐⭐ Functionality
⭐ Value for money

1. Specs

Type1, Single-phase, Current: 12A (230V), Schuko
Manufacturer: Delphi.
Cable length: 5m

2. Security

Waterproof: IP44: ++ YES (Water splashing against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effect)
Bad PE (protection) detection: – NO (car charges without PE line !!!)
Manual stop button: – NO

3. Accuracy

Real Charging Amperes: 11,41A ( 5% less than declared)
Real Charging Power: 2,6kW ( 5% slower than declared)

4. Controls

LED: Power, Charging, Ground Present, Charging Fault
Buttons: —

5. Quality

Connectors: silver coated
The EVSE is rigid. The wire can be wrapped around the casing. Relay is 20A (good). No outer signs of overheating (tested with FLIR thermal camera, after 1 hour of charging).
Input cable is thin and insulated with PE. It cracks easily when frozen, showing internal wires (last photo). Comparing to other aspects of design, this one is straying from others.

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