Parameters for rankings

We have decided to prepare rankings of EVSE and EV car charging cables, we would like to explain what parameters will be considered.

Safety first

If the EVSE / charging cable or DC charger does not fulfill EN 61851-1 norm, it can be ranked in between the same, dangerous solutions. As EN 61851-1 is obligatory since 2011, there is no exception. The main failure is charging a car without connected PE.

Second-tier will be EVSE where EN 61851-1 is not fulfilled, but because of other reasons than charging a car without connected PE. There are chargers with an improper power limit for the plug used, too thin PE line inside, at the circuit board, or other risky design mistakes, that may cause a fire or bad protection for users. They may overheat or after some time (for example – one year) they may stop working, catch fire, or just burn out. Remember – even tens of certificates do not guarantee your personal safety, as too many certificates are literally fake, bought for money.

The best group is the legal ones (fulfill EN 61851-1). They are ranked in between them, as the top class.

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